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Firesight paperback cover. Cover features the title across the middle with a red dragon eye and "The Dragon Guardian Chronicles Book 1" above it. Below the title, the two main characters ride on a dragon over a volcano erupting. The author's name is at the bottom of the cover.
Frostsight paperback cover. Cover features the title across the middle with a blue dragon eye and "The Dragon Guardian Chronicles Book 2" above it. Below the title, the two main characters watch a dragon in the distance in a snowy mountain landscape. The author's name is at the bottom of the cover.

Fire & Frost PAPERBACK Bundle (Signed)

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The Dragon Guardian Chronicles Book 1 - Firesight (Signed Copy)

A Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient

“Firesight by Jessica Deen Norris is a story of self-discovery, friendship, and good vs. evil in an adventure that is captivating, humorous, and appealing.” - Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

A world split by storm, frost, and fire. A young fire mage on the run, hunted by Shadow Knights, and carrying a stolen dragon…

Tiber's fire magic is both a gift and a curse, marking him for the wrath of a power-hungry emperor. Time is running out, and every moment brings the Shadows closer.

But when destiny pairs him with Luci—a girl cloaked in mysteries and wielding her own unique magic—they form an unbreakable bond. A bond only intensified by the dragon they hatch from a stolen egg.

As Tiber confronts the haunting Shadows of his past, he faces a dire choice: succumb to revenge or rise as the world's beacon of hope.

Firesight sweeps readers into a vivid realm where every page crackles with energy. Perfectly paced for young readers, yet rich enough for adults, it's the ideal book to share across generations.

🔥 If your family loved Eragon, prepare to be enchanted by Firesight—a story of friendship, bravery, and the timeless struggle between light and shadow.

A captivating journey for ages 10 and up, Firesight is a hit with middle schoolers, teens, and adults alike!

What you'll find inside Firesight:

🔥 Epic battles
🔥 Elemental magic
🔥 Found family
🔥 Chosen one
🔥 Fairies
🔥 Classic good vs. evil
🔥 Root for the underdog

Purchase Firesight today and begin your next epic adventure!

308 pages
Dimensions 5.5 x 0.77 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 979-8-9854939-0-0
Publication Date April 27, 2022
Publisher St. Lucy Press

The Dragon Guardian Chronicles Book 2 - Frostsight (Signed Copy)

Best read for 2023: Frostsight had me enthralled from its shocking beginning to its heart-stopping conclusion. Jessica Deen Norris is a genius - the way she draws you in with her world building and real characters, then keeps you in a choke hold through every twist and turn. Like C.S. Lewis, Norris enchants middle-schoolers and adults alike, and this is one of those rare series that will continue to spellbind readers for generations. Five solid stars.” USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Burton

From the ashes of Firesight, the saga deepens with the chilling secrets of Frostsight

In a world ensnared by Shadows, Tiber and Luci race against time, chasing cryptic visions of an elusive dragon.

After a daring escape from Emperor Skardin’s storm dragon, Tiber and his friends venture into the icy northern mountains in search of the legendary frost dragon. But danger follows, with old enemies hot on their trail and new threats lurking in the forests.

Tiber and Luci are faced with the agonizing choice: forge ahead in their quest for the dragon or defend the people from the emperor’s rage.

And deep within the black forest of the Dreadwood, whispers of power and glory tempt even the bravest of souls.

❄️ The journey continues with Frostsight, the thrilling sequel to the award-winning Firesight, where the battle for dragons could extinguish the Shadows - or cast the realm into an endless night.

Perfect for fans of Eragon’s epic heroes and Percy Jackson’s fast-paced adventures, the Dragon Guardian Chronicles proves that in the darkest of Shadows, the strongest Light shines from within.

Purchase Frostsight today to continue the epic adventure!

300 pages
Dimensions 5.5 x 0.75 x 8.5 inches
ISBN 979-8-9854939-4-8
Publication Date November 29, 2023
Publisher St. Lucy Press

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Genre: Epic fantasy, action & adventure, coming of age, elemental magic, dragons

Audience: Middle schoolers, teens, young adults, adults

Recommended Reader Age: 10+

Explicit Language: None

Explicit Content: None, and the romance is a small subplot over entire series

Violence:  Action-packed battles that may include death, but without grotesque violence

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Maja knew she would die today.

Many other Fireseekers had been called to appear before the emperor. None of them had survived.

And so, she walked to her death.

With courage? No. She shrieked, kicked, and even tried to bite as the guards dragged her to the Great Hall. Her hands trembled as she struggled again to create a flame, but it did no good. The iron shackles around her wrists rendered her Light useless.

The guards marched on, half-pulling, half-carrying her with them. They reached two large, heavy wooden doors. Maja tried to focus her thoughts, to come up with a way to escape. But instead, she found herself distracted by the ornately carved dragons in the wood—and the chiseled lightning which gushed from their mouths. The soldiers posted on each side bowed to Maja’s guards, then opened the doors for them to pass.

The groaning of the doors pounded loudly in Maja’s ears. Her legs crumpled beneath her, forcing the guards to drag her into the Great Hall. She lowered her head, too terrified to look around the room. She hated herself for exhausting all her energy before facing Emperor Skardin.

The guards stopped halfway through the hall before reaching the emperor’s empty throne. Maja let herself drop to her knees as her arms were released from their grasp. She stared at the ground, which was covered in cracks and scorch marks. Other Seekers must have put up a fight. Maja wished she had that kind of bravery.

But those people had died anyway.

“Emperor Skardin, lord over the three kingdoms of Elongtra, Stormsight in the Night,” a guard’s voice boomed through the Great Hall. “I present Maja, Fireseeker and Drudge. Father unknown. Mother passed over the sea.”

Maja laughed, but it came out broken and hoarse. She tipped her head back and closed her eyes. Passed over the sea. She had always hated that phrase. Her mother was dead. There was no need to make it sound pleasant—it wasn’t. And father unknown, the guard had said. Her mother said he was killed by Shadow Knights. Maja was an orphan and a Drudge. She was nobody.

She opened her eyes. Large windows stretched high in front of her, giving the impression that she was outside. Dark storm clouds swirled above her. Maja grimaced and lowered her gaze to the front of the hall. The emperor must be in a terrible mood.

The silver throne with deep violet cushions loomed over her. In front of the throne stood a simple wooden pedestal with a basin placed on top. Something round protruded from the bowl, but it was covered in a purple fabric. Maja focused on the intricate silver dragons embroidered on the cloth as she tried to calm her racing heart.

Rustling noises came from the sides of the hall, causing her to jerk her head around. Long benches lined each side, but she couldn’t make out the faces of the people seated there. The lamps along the walls were unlit, and the audience sat in the shadows. How appropriate. She didn’t need to see them to determine from the shapes of their robes and masks that they were Shadow Knights.

Maja clutched her arms tightly around herself, knowing the Knights were staring, waiting for her death. She gathered all the strength she had left and drew herself up to her full height—which, unfortunately, was not very tall.

She lifted her chin anyway and straightened her posture. The guards extended their hands, prepared to grab her if she ran. But Maja wasn’t going to run. She wasn’t going to give the Knights the satisfaction of watching her cower.

The guards nodded to each other and approached her. She steeled her face, but a lump had already formed in her throat. They took her arms, and she flinched, expecting the blows to come next. Instead, they removed the shackles from her wrists.

Maja narrowed her eyes at the guards. What were they planning to do to her? She rubbed her wrists, which had been burned raw from her attempts to escape the castle dungeons. How many times had she tried? She didn’t know; she had lost track of time long ago.

“There are Shadow Knights on every side of you,” a man said as he stepped forward from behind the throne. “Do not attempt to escape.” Maja didn’t recognize the man, but she knew that he wasn’t the emperor. He wore long purple robes with a silver chain stretching across his chest from one shoulder to another. Emperor Skardin’s steward?

Maja didn’t respond. She knew not to use her Light. She might be frightened, but she wasn’t stupid.

The steward nodded as he assumed her compliance. “Are you ready to begin, then? Good,” he said without giving her a chance to respond. He stepped up to the pedestal but didn’t remove the cloth. That was fine with her—she didn’t want to see what was hidden beneath the fabric.

“You are a Fireseeker,” the steward said. “Please, show us what you can do.” The guards stepped back into the shadows, and Maja’s eyes darted around the hall. This wasn’t what she’d expected.

“It’s not a trick,” the steward said. He clasped his hands in front of him and gave her a cold smile. “The emperor is always searching for talented Seekers to join the Shadow Knights.”

Maja lifted her chin. “Then I don’t need to show you anything,” she said, furious with herself when her voice cracked. “I will not become a Shadow Knight.” That time it came out more forceful.

“So sure of herself,” the steward said, and his smile twisted further. Maja could hear low, hoarse laughs from the Shadow Knights around her. Her cheeks burned, and she pulled her arms tight around her chest.

The steward shrugged. “Just like a Drudge. I don’t understand why we keep bringing them in.” He made a motion to the guard on the left, who approached her.

Maja’s hand was out in a flash. Fire blasted toward the guard. The blood rushed in her ears as she thought about the father she had never known. She pictured her mother, worked to death by her master. And now the steward smiled as she did exactly what he’d wanted her to do.

Maja aimed her hand at the steward and pulled up a flame. Her vision changed—but not in the way she expected. She hesitated.

“Very good,” the steward said. His voice didn’t crack or waiver, even in the face of fire. “Maybe you aren’t like the other Drudges.”

Fire burst from both hands now, and Maja could no longer see. She should be pointing in the right direction, but all she could hear was laughter. Shadows danced in her eyes, and she tried to hit them with her flames. Each time, the shadow dodged at the last moment. Maja withdrew her Light and fell to her knees. The fire disappeared. What was happening to her? In all the times she had used her Light, she had never experienced this.

Her vision cleared, and the guards and steward stood before her unscathed. Her own scorch marks were mixed in with the marks of others on the floor. The steward frowned at the object on the pedestal. “Nothing,” he said and waved toward Maja in disgust. “Get rid of her.”

Maja’s heart pounded in her ears. All thoughts of resignation left her mind, and only rage remained. She aimed both hands at the steward and let out a guttural scream. She briefly saw the huge flames flying from her fingers before the shadows returned. She welcomed them. She would get revenge on them all.

Revenge for her mother’s untimely death. Revenge for her father’s murder. Revenge for her own imprisonment. Heat streamed from her hands, but she couldn’t see any of it.

Something moved in the corner of her eye. Maja looked, readying herself to attack, then gasped.

Her mother stood before her. Or at least, Maja thought it was her mother. Shadows still swirled in her vision, making her question herself. But she was certain—her mother stood there, arms outstretched. What glistened on her face … was it tears? Maja’s mind was swimming, and she struggled to focus.

A door slammed, and a shock ran through her. The shadows disappeared. “Mother …” she said, her voice choking. Lightning cracked across the sky outside.

Or was it inside? Maja didn’t have a chance to find out. As her vision cleared, a figure moved around the throne and stood before her.

The emperor had arrived. She saw deadly purple eyes, another flash, and then—nothing.

Maja’s lifeless body slumped to the floor.

What readers are saying about Firesight...


"Well this book just sucked me in from the prologue! Very exciting and intriguing! ... By the end of the book, I was in so deep, I was almost shocked out of my trance!"

Beba A.

"I blame Firesight for keeping me up a little too late some nights! It's a hard-to-put-down book that's full of adventure, discovery, magic and more. Highly recommend."

Brandon Harriman
Author of Griff Driscoll and the Corruption of Essence

"The story just grabbed me right away from the very beginning and held on tight ... And, my favorite part of the whole thing, DRAGONS."

Allison G.

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Jessica!

Award-winning author and homeschooling mom of five

I've always loved a good hero.

I write heroes my kids can relate to - underdogs that are still inspiring. In a world flooded with gritty, dark fantasy, I wanted to see something a little brighter.

But the world isn't all sunshine and unicorns (I wish!), so my books show the battles between good and evil. I think the difference, however, is a light of hope - and good heroes.

Then toss in a dragon or two, and I'm hooked!

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