Maps from the Books

Elongtra - the world of the Dragon Guardian Chronicles

The Three Kingdoms of Elongtra


The Fire Kingdom

Capital city: Scorzan City

Zanthius is near the coast and the volcanic mountain range, and it has more temperate weather. The lands are very fertile from volcanic activity that occurred in the past. Mount Scorzan hasn’t exploded in a very long time, and most people think it is dormant. The people of Scorzan City have grown comfortable and settled closer and closer to the dormant volcano.


The Frost Kingdom

Capital city: Genwater

Heigarth includes the Frozen Mountains, although the people of Genwater have settled at the foothills of the mountains. It’s very cold for most of the year, with lots of snow and ice. Their main source of water and travel is the North Fork of the Coryza River.


The Storm Kingdom

Capital city: Volistron Bay

Shendair has a warm, humid climate with swamps and marshlands surrounding Volistron Bay. They often have pop-up rain and lightning storms. Since Emperor Skardin came into power, he also causes terrible storms and floods in his anger. These storms can ruin crops and make things more difficult for the people of Shendair.