The Dragon Guardian Chronicles

The Dragon Guardian Chronicles is a young adult epic fantasy series perfect for middle school age and up. Enter an adventure full of dragons, elemental magic, humor, friendship, and classic good vs. evil!


Genre: Epic fantasy, action & adventure, coming of age, elemental magic, dragons
Audience: Middle schoolers, teens, young adults, adults
Recommended Reader Age: 10+
Explicit Language: None
Explicit Content: None, and the romance is a small subplot over entire series
Violence: Action-packed battles that may include death, but without grotesque violence

Firesight (Book 1)

In a world where magic blinds and shadows lurk, one boy’s flames could ignite a revolution

Tiber's fire magic is both a gift and a curse, marking him for the wrath of a power-hungry emperor. Time is running out, and every moment brings the Shadows closer...

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Frostsight (Book 2)

From the ashes of Firesight, the saga deepens with the chilling secrets of Frostsight

In a world ensnared by Shadows, Tiber and Luci race against time, chasing cryptic visions of an elusive dragon...

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Stormsight (Book 3)

Estimated Release:

Late 2024/Early 2025

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