Jessica Deen Norris smiling and posing for an author photo

Hi, I'm Jessica

Growing up, I played with Ninja Turtles as much as Barbie dolls. I had to be home in time to watch the Power Rangers every day, and I will forever be the Pink Ranger.

And then there were the books—so many good books. I loved getting lost in new worlds, and eventually, making up my own. I don’t think it can get better than that, except with a big mug of Community Coffee in my hand.

I was born and raised in Louisiana, so what other coffee brand is there? I still live in a small Cajun town with my husband, where I homeschool our five children. We have a special heart for adoption, as that's a large part of our family story. My husband was adopted as a baby, and we knew we would adopt one day as well.

The author Jessica Deen Norris, her husband, and her five children smile for a photo. They are dressed up for her husband's business event. Her three youngest children are holding little stuffed lion toys and her youngest daughter has a big silly smile.
The author Jessica Deen Norris, her husband, and her five children smile for a photo. They are in China with the Forbidden City in the background.

After having four children, health issues prevented me from having more. We traveled with all of the kids to China and adopted our youngest. He was born blind, but don't let him fool you - it doesn't slow him down in the least.

I'm also a convert to Catholicism, and my faith informs my worldview, which in turn informs my writing. I share more about my faith and homeschooling on my Instagram page!

Easter Family Picture - The author Jessica Deen Norris and her family are inside a church. She and her husband and five children smile for a picture.
The author Jessica Deen Norris smiling and holding a stack of copies of her first book, Firesight

Did I mention I drink a lot of coffee?

I'm a former junior high and high school English teacher, but I always dreamed of being an author. Now that dream has happened with the publication of my first novel, Firesight. It’s a little hard to believe that I got to live in these characters’ heads, and now you do too!




A world split by storm, frost, and fire.

A young fire mage on the run, hunted by Shadow Knights, and carrying a stolen dragon…

What is St. Lucy Press?

St. Lucy Press is the name of my business, which I use to independently publish all of my books. When you see St. Lucy Press as my publisher, you're seeing me! St. Lucy is my Confirmation saint, and she's the patron saint of those with vision impairments. I was born with an eye condition, my husband and children all wear glasses or contacts, and my youngest son is blind.

Not only that, but St. Lucy is also the patron saint of writers! :) We have lots of saints who have interceded for us over the years, but St. Lucy holds a special place in my heart.

Holy card of St. Lucy