The artwork from the cover of Frostsight. Artwork features a blue dragon eye at the top. Below the eye, the two main characters watch a dragon in the distance in a snowy mountain landscape.
Book 2


Frostsight cover. Cover features the title across the middle with a blue dragon eye and "The Dragon Guardian Chronicles Book 2" above it. Below the title, the two main characters watch a dragon in the distance in a snowy mountain landscape. The author's name is at the bottom of the cover.
The Dragon Guardian Chronicles

Book 2

From the ashes of Firesight, the saga deepens with the chilling secrets of Frostsight

In a world ensnared by Shadows, Tiber and Luci race against time, chasing cryptic visions of an elusive dragon.

After a daring escape from Emperor Skardin’s storm dragon, Tiber and his friends venture into the icy northern mountains in search of the legendary frost dragon. But danger follows, with old enemies hot on their trail and new threats lurking in the forests.

Tiber and Luci are faced with the agonizing choice: forge ahead in their quest for the dragon or defend the people from the emperor’s rage.

And deep within the black forest of the Dreadwood, whispers of power and glory tempt even the bravest of souls.

The journey continues with Frostsight, the thrilling sequel to the award-winning Firesight, where the battle for dragons could extinguish the Shadows - or cast the realm into an endless night.

Perfect for fans of Eragon’s epic heroes and Percy Jackson’s fast-paced adventures, the Dragon Guardian Chronicles proves that in the darkest of Shadows, the strongest Light shines from within.

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About the Author

Jessica Deen Norris is an award-winning fantasy author from a small Cajun town in Louisiana. A proud homeschooling mom of five, she weaves her love for stories into her family’s daily life.

With a bachelor’s degree in English education, she once taught at both the junior high and high school level. Because of this, she knows how transformative the love of reading can be at that age. Today, she’s passionate about filling her children’s shelves as well as others’ with good books.

While homeschooling, reading, and writing dominate her day, she still finds time to indulge in her obsessions: collecting beautiful pens and notebooks, and sipping on copious amounts of coffee.