The artwork from the cover of Firesight. Artwork features a red dragon eye at the top. Below the eye, the two main characters ride on a dragon over a volcano erupting.
Book 1


Firesight Cover. Cover features the title across the middle with a red dragon eye and "The Dragon Guardian Chronicles Book 1" above it. Below the title, the two main characters ride on a dragon over a volcano erupting. The author's name is at the bottom of the cover.
The Dragon Guardian Chronicles

Book 1

A world split by storm, frost, and fire. A young fire mage on the run, hunted by Shadow Knights, and carrying a stolen dragon…

Tiber's fire magic is both a gift and a curse, marking him for the wrath of a power-hungry emperor. Time is running out, and every moment brings the Shadows closer.

But when destiny pairs him with Luci - a girl cloaked in mysteries and wielding her own unique magic - they form an unbreakable bond. A bond only intensified by the dragon they hatch from a stolen egg.

As Tiber confronts the haunting Shadows of his past, he faces a dire choice: succumb to revenge or rise as the world's beacon of hope.

Firesight sweeps readers into a vivid realm where every page crackles with energy. Perfectly paced for young readers, yet rich enough for adults, it's the ideal book to share across generations.

If your family loved Eragon, prepare to be enchanted by Firesight - a story of friendship, bravery, and the timeless struggle between light and shadow.

A captivating journey for ages 10 and up, Firesight is a hit with middle schoolers, teens, and adults alike!

A Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

“Firesight by Jessica Deen Norris is a story of self-discovery, friendship, and good vs. evil in an adventure that is captivating, humorous, and appealing.” - Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

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About the Author

Jessica Deen Norris is an award-winning fantasy author from a small Cajun town in Louisiana. A proud homeschooling mom of five, she weaves her love for stories into her family’s daily life.

With a bachelor’s degree in English education, she once taught at both the junior high and high school level. Because of this, she knows how transformative the love of reading can be at that age. Today, she’s passionate about filling her children’s shelves as well as others’ with good books.

While homeschooling, reading, and writing dominate her day, she still finds time to indulge in her obsessions: collecting beautiful pens and notebooks, and sipping on copious amounts of coffee.